Small Claims Tribunal Online Assessment Assistant for Tenancy Dispute

The Small Claims Tribunals (SCT)

The Small Claims Tribunals (SCT) are part of the State Courts of Singapore. The Tribunals were established to provide a quick and inexpensive platform for the resolution of small claims between consumers and suppliers.

Jurisdiction of the Small Claims Tribunals

The SCT have jurisdiction to hear claims not exceeding $10,000. Where the Claimant and the Respondent consent in writing, the jurisdiction can be raised to $20,000 (Memorandum of Consent).

All claims must be filed at the Small Claims Tribunals within one year from the date on which the cause of action accrued.

Small Claims Tribunals Online Assessment Assistant

The State Courts provide an online assessment assistant to give a preliminary assessment of whether a tenancy dispute may be heard by the SCT.

The online assessment assistant can guide you on the following:

1. Whether your dispute falls under the purview of the SCT;

2. Evidence and procedure to proceed with a claim in the SCT; and

3. If your claim appears eligible, to help you to complete your SCT Claim form.


State Courts SCT Online Assessment Assistant


For more information on the Small Claims Tribunal seeSCT Webpage

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