Government-paid Paternity Leave (GPPL)

Working fathers are entitled to 1 week of Government-paid Paternity Leave (GPPL).

In addition to the 1 week of mandatory paternity leave, the employer can voluntarily grant up to 1 additional week of paternity leave to fathers.

The government will pay for GPPL, with wage reimbursements capped at $2,500 (including CPF contributions) perĀ 1 week of paternity leave.

GPPL must be used (1) in a continuous block within 16 weeks from the birth of the child, or (2) flexibly within 12 months from the birth of the child, subject to mutual agreement between the father and his employer.

The child must be a Singapore Citizen; and the father must be legally married to the mother.

– for more information see Citizen Connect Centre

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