When will Traffic Police take action for handphone driving?

Handphone Driving

The Traffic Police will take action against motorists for handphone driving when ALL the following 3 conditions are be fulfilled:

(a) the vehicle is in motion; and

(b) the driver is holding on to the handphone with one hand; and

(c) the driver is communicating with any person with that handphone (which includes making phone calls, paging for someone, receiving a call by pressing the keypad, reading, writing or sending of SMS).

Thus, for example, a driver who simply holds a mobile phone but is not using it to communicate while driving will not have committed an offence of handphone driving. However if by doing so, the driver loses attention on the roads and fails to maintain proper control of his vehicle, he will still have committed an offence of driving without due care or reasonable consideration.

see Singapore Police Force FAQ


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