Who can Claim under the Maintenance of Parents Act

Maintenance of Parents Act

The Maintenance of Parents Act of Singapore allows a parent to claim maintenance from his or her children who are capable of supporting that parent if the parent is
• 60 and above;
• domiciled and resident in Singapore; and
• unable to maintain himself/herself financially.

Parents can claim maintenance in the form of monthly allowances or a lump-sum payment.

The claim is made by an application to the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents (Tribunal).

Must refer Claim to Commissioner

However, before an application in respect of any claim can be made to the Tribunal, the claim must be referred to to the Commissioner of the Maintenance of Parents (CMP) for review. The Commissioner will try to facilitate the resolution of the issue by conciliation.  If no conciliation can be achieved, as a last resort, the Commissioner will advise the parent to file his claim and redirect his case to the Tribunal.

Further information –

Family Justice Court Page on maintenance Proceedings

Singapore Statutes Online​ for the Maintenance of Parents Act (Chapter 167B).

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