Payment using Coins – Legal Tender limit

The number of coins that you can use in a single transaction is 20 coins per denomination.

The Singapore Currency Acts says that coins are “legal tender up to their face value for the payment of an amount not exceeding 20¬†times the face value of a coin of that denomination”. When making payment using coins you can use up to only 20 coins per denomination per transaction. This means that a shop or seller can reject your payment if you use more than 20 coins of the same denomination in a transaction.

A shop or seller can also choose to lower the limit on the quantity of coins they will accept in a transaction. A written notice of the lower limit must be put up. Otherwise, all denominations of coins given by a customer as payment up to the legal limits must be accepted.

The legal tender limit for coins in Singapore is as follows:

  • five-cents X 20 pieces = S$1
  • 10-cents X 20 pieces = S$2
  • 20-cents X 20 pieces = S$4
  • 50-cents X 20 pieces = S$10
  • S$1 x 20 pieces = S$20

In each payment you are limited to a cap of 100 coins across all 5 denominations. This means you could pay up to $37 in coins.